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Hi, I’m Malavika! (Pronounced Mah-love-eeka. Take it slow. You got this.) Men online have called me a “liberal twig of a woman,” “future single mom,” and “decent writer, minus the social justice,” but I prefer to call myself a 19-year-old author, essayist, and dumbass of color (DOC) whose lived experiences shall not be undermined. My debut #OwnVoices YA fantasy novel, The Bookweaver’s Daughter, is releasing on September 8, 2020! I also write about identity, Gen-Z, culture, and politics across the Internet, including for Teen Vogue, Refinery29, The Lily, HuffPost, and NYLON. I’m currently an English major at Stanford, yet I valiantly attempt to mostly read literature by women of color. I also enjoy beaching, snacking, thrifting, and calling my representatives.

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